Marshall 20/20 Update: Budget Work Group meets to discuss operating budget requests

Marshall2020LogoAt the March 28 Budget Work Group meeting, team members discussed a variety of topics related to the initial FY15 operating budget requests.

One of the subjects of question was the money allocated for classroom maintenance and furnishings. A member of the group had asked if any funds allocated this year  be considered by a committee to determine needs.

Team members also were presented draft information of the summarized budget requests from all campus spending units, by department and college. Members discussed the voluntarily reductions and how some departments had submitted reductions that were substantially larger than others. Departments were asked to give back what they could to help close the gap in the FY 2015 operating budget. Although the draft information still needed scrubbing, it looked like with the contributions the budget gap is still between $5 and $6 million, so Finance will have to revisit the submissions and continue seeking other areas for savings with the budget units as well as through continued work on institutional budget lines.

The next meeting of the Budget Work Group is Friday, April 4. The budget must be prepared for submission to the Marshall Board of Governors by April 14, 2014.