Services Portfolio group to launch Rapid Response Teams


Led by Dr. John Maher, vice president for research, the Services Portfolio Review steering committee has been meeting regularly and will soon be announcing the members of seven Rapid Response Teams, or RRTs. The RRTs will be charged with identifying an issue, quickly analyzing it, developing options to address the issue and then implementing solutions. The intent is to quickly get faculty, staff and students involved in identifying and evaluating solutions to some of our most pressing concerns.

The goals of the Services Portfolio Review are:

  • Review services across the entire university;
  • Focus on services that will increase revenue for Marshall;
  • Find cost savings for Marshall;
  • Enhance the quality of services Marshall provides its students, faculty and staff;
  • Address “pain points,” specific areas that cause us the most fits in providing quality services to our customers.

Seven teams will be formed from members from across the university. Each of these teams will be assigned a leader and additional members from throughout the university. Those members will be announced in the next week.

Team leaders will meet in early May and there will be a kickoff event after that to launch the review and inform the team members of their goals.