Group Updates: Budget Work Group, Rapid Response Teams

Marshall2020LogoThe Budget Work Group will continue to work online through SharePoint while taking a break from in-person meetings. The in-person meetings are expected to resume the week of July 14.
If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact the leader of the appropriate team:

The seven Rapid Response Teams launched as part of the university’s Marshall 20/20 strategic planning process have begun meeting weekly.

The teams’ goal is to find a total of $7-10 million in cost savings/revenue enhancements—with a focus on addressing some of the structural issues that prevent the university from delivering top-notch services to students, faculty and staff.

They are working to engage the university community in evaluating the university’s services and making recommendations for improvements.

  • Duplication of Effort (Denise Hogsett, Career Services)
  • Leveraging Technology (Brian Morgan, College of Science)
  • Facilities (Joyce Harrah, South Charleston Campus)
  • Auxiliary Services (Karla Murphy, Marshall University Research Corporation)
  • Vendors/Contracts (Allen Taylor, Information Technology)
  • Procurement Card/Travel (Cammy Holley, College of Information Technology and Engineering)
  • Spans and Layers [i.e., Organizational Structure] (Steering Team)


RapidResponseTeam1_blurredAs the process continues over the next several weeks, the Rapid Response Teams will be hosting a series of informal “coffee and chat sessions” to give the campus community members an opportunity to get information, ask questions and provide input. Watch this newsletter for details.

The charters for each team and lists of team members are posted on the Marshall 20/20 website. A list of FAQs about the Rapid Response Teams and the overall Services Portfolio Review process is available here.


Photo: Members of the Duplication of Effort team are among 7 Rapid Response Teams that will be meeting over the summer to find cost savings and revenue enhancements.