Marshall Psychology Clinic to offer transgender group beginning June 10

The Marshall University Psychology Clinic will be conducting a group focusing on transgender-related issues this summer from June 10 until July 3. The group sessions will be conducted by Kellee Boster, M.A., and Corey Wilks, B.A.

“It is important to provide and assist in giving needed support and resources to individuals who may be experiencing any type of problems related to being transgender,” Boster said. “There are limited resources or support networks available in this area for the transgender community. We’ve received several requests for a transgender group in the Psychology Clinic, and we want to make the group available to anyone who is interested.”

Dr. Keith Beard, the psychology clinic director, added, “We’ve run this group in the past with great success. There is definitely a need and we are very pleased to be able to provide the service. I’m also very pleased that we have clinic staff who are willing to and interested in providing services to a community that is often ignored.”

“We hope that the group will help provide guidance and a sense of support to group members,” Wilks said. “We will discuss a wide variety of common issues, as well as address the unique concerns of the members. Essentially, the chief goal in conducting this group is to provide an open forum for discussion and assistance in navigating the full range of physical and emotional concerns involved with being a transgender individual.”

Organizers said that the group will be a safe and supportive group environment to discuss a variety of issues — such as coming out, discrimination, transformation, and family/relationship issues–with others in similar situations, whether they  are just coming to realize they are transgender, are in the process of transitioning, or have fully transitioned.

Group sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Those interested in participating should send an e-mail to by June 5.