Presidents Kopp, Gee discuss shared future of higher education in West Virginia


PresidentsGeeandKopp_06-03-14President Stephen J. Kopp met with West Virginia University President E. Gordon Gee yesterday. Kopp gave Gee a tour of the Huntington campus and the two discussed West Virginia’s higher education issues.

After their meeting, the presidents met with the media in the lobby of the Marshall University Foundation Hall, home of the Erickson Alumni Center. Both of them indicated the need for cooperation among not just Marshall and West Virginia University, but all of the higher education institutions in the state.

“Competition between institutions has done more harm to public higher education across the nation than anything else I can think of,” Kopp said. “And if and when we begin to speak with one voice and unify that message as to what is of paramount importance in fulfulling the opportunities that are there for the people of our state, people of the region and nation, then we will have something we can all champion and celebrate.”