State finance system changes to affect Marshall in addition to payroll changes

The State of West Virginia is in the process of implementing a new system (wvOASIS) for finance, procurement, payroll and other administrative functions.  As a state agency, Marshall University must use the state’s systems for processing paychecks, vendor checks and cash receipts, since they provide appropriations and hold our cash balances in the state treasury.

“Although we utilize Banner for much of our activity, behind the scenes we are interfacing with state systems and some employees interact with those systems directly,” said Mary Ellen Heuton, senior vice president for finance and chief financial officer. “As a result of the implementation, we must make adjustments to our utilization of Banner as well as adjustments to a variety of procedures in order to continue the successful processing of transactions.”

A blog has been established at to keep the Marshall campuses and centers apprised of changes that will be happening in the coming months. In addition, employees are reminded of the website specifically for payroll changes at

“We are still learning about the system and determining what changes will occur and how they will impact us, so please bear with us,” said Juanita Parsons, director of accounts payable and payroll.

Here are a few key dates regarding the end of the fiscal year, which occurs June 30, 2014:

June 11th – Last day to submit PARs to HR for new salaried employees to start work 6/16/14

June 11th – Last day to submit PARs to HR for hourly employees to be paid in FY14

June 16th – All invoices paid with expiring funds due in the Office of Accounts Payable & Payroll by 4 p.m.

June 16th – All invoices paid with non-expiring funds due in Office of Accounts Payable & Payroll by 4 p.m. in order to guarantee payment on FY14 funds

June 16th – Final day for purchase card payments to vendors

June 17th – July 7th – Use purchase card for critical payments only*

June 26th – Last day to submit PARs to HR for new salaried employees to start work 7/1/14 (no reclassifications, promotions, or transfers will be processed with a start date of 7/1/14)

July 2nd – Final deadline for invoices for goods/services received prior to June 30th – Every attempt will be made to process them with FY14 funds

July 8th – All invoices for internal charges due to Accounting Office by 4 p.m. – (postage, printing, telephone, vehicle usage, UPS charges, pagers, computer services, etc.)

July 14th – Last day to submit PARs to HR for new hires, reclassifications, promotions, etc. starting 7/17/14

*A temporary process for purchase card transactions that are not posted in FIMS by June 19th is being developed.

Please note that the State of WV’s conversion to wvOASIS is impacting our procedures and deadlines. Part of this change will include the changing of several account codes. Details will be shared as they are finalized.

Also, when departments receive their annual request to review their COA1 orgs, they will be asked to identify individuals who function in certain roles; additional information will be included with the request.

Please watch future issues of “We Are….Marshall” and the wvOasis blog for information.