Trumpet ensemble appears at international conference

BrianaBlankenshipandEricEwazenThe Marshall University Trumpet Ensemble performed at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Philadelphia last month, winning praise from composer Eric Ewazen for performing one of his compositions.

“Thank you to the Marshall University Trumpet Ensemble!  They really brought the energy to the piece that I intended when I wrote that work back in 1992,” Ewazen, a prolific composer for several instruments, but especially for brass, told the audience.

Further testament to the students’ work was given by the other featured artist, Chris Gekker, according to Dr Martin Saunders, director of jazz studies and professor of trumpet in the School of Music and Theatre.  “He was one of seven professionals who originally recorded the piece and told the audience about the high level of difficulty and challenges that are presented by that piece of music.”  Saunders said.

Gekker is a trumpet professor at the University of Maryland for whom many of Ewazen’s works have been created,

Marshall students who performed included Justin Bahawi, Briana Blankenship, Chris Bunner, Michael Black, Christy Carson, Kevin Eason and Sean Maxwell.

Photo: Briana Blankenship (left), who just completed her master’s degree from Marshall in trumpet performance, posed with composer Eric Ewazen at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Philadelphia last month.