Tracey Eggleston named Employee of the Month

tracey eggleston1166Tracey Eggleston, Assistant Director (Housing Operations Manager) in Housing and Residence Life, has been named the Marshall Employee of the Month for May, according to the Employee of the Month Committee.
Employed since 2009, she was nominated by Lakesha Glover and Jim Clagg.

As Eggleston’s supervisor, Glover says that her attention to detail and commitment to the HRL department is unmatched. “…When Tracey is in control of a project I do not have to worry about it being completed……I have complete faith in the work that she will do from its purpose to its implementation.”

Glover commended her on her work ethic and adds that what she finds most admirable “…is her commitment to the betterment of the services we offer as a department to the students and professional staff we have in our halls. Our students have the best advocate in their corner when it comes to services we provide. Tracey goes above and beyond the call of duty when I comes to providing for her staff or residents. She can be seen more than once a week at the many programs our staff provide to not only show support but to really get to know the residents and their needs. Her office light is also the one most likely to be on after the 5 o’clock hour to ensure that she is prepared as can be to tackle the next day.” In addition, Glover said, Eggleston’s commitment to the students inspires her to give 110 percent effort and she always makes herself and her apartment on campus available to them.

Eggleston knows everyone in the department, from housekeeping to the director, Glover said, and makes it a priority to set an example for them to understand “…how great it is to work for the students in our halls. Whether she is baking cupcakes to celebrate someone’s birthday or just because she wants to do something nice, she is great at letting everyone in the department know that they are appreciated. Tracey is as real as they come; she is an honest advocate, a dedicated employee and a committed friend.”

In his nomination Clagg said that while Eggleston has always had an outstanding work ethic, last summer she put in countless hours preparing the department for restructuring and introduction of professional staff as hall directors. “Our staff training began August 1, but even before that Tracey would be found in her office until the late hours of the night. During our training Tracey taught the staff the importance of good customer service and instilled in us our reason for being here–making a major difference in our students’ lives.” In addition to working tirelessly to train staff on policies and procedures, she also took time to facilitate bonds with the staff and helped “…develop us from a group of co-workers into a team of life-changing individuals,” he noted. “Employees like Tracey are what make Marshall University an amazing experience for our students and is the reason why we are able to recruit the amazing staff we have.”

Clagg related that “Tracey is an outstanding example of Marshall University’s power. She started her experience as a student and was dedicated to her educational goals and completed with much more than her diplomas. She had the opportunity to grow from being one single student to earning roles with increasing responsibility and impacting more and more lives through her progression. Her success was attained because of the ideas, skills and experiences that Marshall University has instilled in her.” Through her current position, Clagg said, “…she touches the experience of thousands of our students and staff members each day.”

Eggleston received a certificate and a check for $100 presented by President Stephen J. Kopp.


Photo: Tracey Eggleston (right) receives her Employee of the Month award from President Kopp.