Faculty Achievement – Dr. Jess Morrissette

Dr. Jess Morissette, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of International  Affairs,  has an article published in the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Studies in Popular Culture, a leading journal in the field of pop culture studies. The article is titled “Zombies, International Relations, and the Production of Danger: Critical Security Studies Versus the Living Dead.”

In summary, the article explores how  the tendency to treat zombies as inhuman creatures, bent on our destruction and incapable of compromise, predisposes characters in various fictional works to respond to the perceived threat with violence.  It asks in what ways might similar perceptions shape our response to “real world” issues like global terrorism. The article deconstructs the assumptions common to most zombie fiction and argues that the same mindset that favors a violent response to the living dead over nonviolent options also informs U.S.  foreign policy in the ongoing War on Terror.