Marshall 20/20 Update: Initial Reports Submitted

Marshall2020LogoThe strategic planning process reached a milestone last week with submission to the administration of the initial reports from the Academic Portfolio Review and Services Portfolio Review teams.

These two comprehensive reviews looked at the university’s academic programs and services with the goal of identifying all potential opportunities for cost savings and revenue enhancement. The teams also were focused on addressing some of the structural issues that prevent delivery of top-notch programs and services to students, faculty and staff.

Because the teams were charged with examining every possible opportunity to cut costs and increase revenues, the next step in the process will be to further evaluate the identified opportunities for practicality and impact of implementation.

For instance, the Services Portfolio Review teams prioritized opportunities for a potential $10 million in cost savings/revenue enhancements. Although these opportunities have been identified, it has not yet been determined which ones will be acted upon or to what extent they will be implemented.

Once evaluation of the recommendations is complete and a list of action items is finalized, a plan for implementation will be developed. This implementation phase could take months.

While it is likely there will be some reorganization of university structure to improve efficiencies, the goal is to make the most effective use of current positions and to find cost savings through attrition first, before positions are eliminated.

A day-long campus summit has been scheduled for Friday, Oct. 17, to discuss plans for moving forward. More details will be shared as plans for the summit are developed.

For more information, visit the Marshall 20/20 website, which includes a discussion forum for the university community to ask questions and provide feedback.