Alumni Association launches redesigned website, the Marshall University Alumni Association’s website, has a whole new look now after a complete design overhaul that was unveiled last week. The new design is a result of feedback and recommendations from alumni and fans.

“We began the redesign process last year with the help and support of our web partner, iModules,” said Matt Hayes, executive director of the association. “From our research and recommendations from the iModules design team, we were able to put together a variety of elements we believe will position us at the forefront of alumni association sites.”

The new design addresses requests for more photos, mobile compatibility and an improved browsing experience.

“From the beginning, this project was all about Marshall University alumni, friends and fans,” said Rob Ellis, associate director of alumni relations. “What we’ve been able to create through this redesign process is the result of their collective voice. I like to think of the new as your one-stop shop for everything Marshall.”

The new site also offers a social media hub for alumni to connect directly with colleges, departments and campus groups.

“We’re very excited to finally launch this new site design,” Hayes said. “It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we started the redesign process. So much innovative thinking and collaboration went into this project. We hope Herd Nation will embrace this new site and utilize it to its capacity, all the while continuing our dialogue toward maximizing the full potential of this great organization.”