Barbie Norvell named Employee of the Month

IMG_0461Barbie Norvell, Administrative Secretary Sr., College of Education and Professional Development, Literacy Education, has been named the Marshall University Employee of the Month for August, according to the Employee of the Month Committee.

She was nominated by Gabriella Dahalia, Becky Sloan and Dr. Terrence Stange.

In their nomination, Dahalia and Sloan wrote:  “Barbie Norvell’s willingness to go above and beyond the responsibilities of her own job duties, her performance, professionalism and demeanor is such a wonderful asset to Marshall University.  Barbie has undertaken the additional duties of other program areas that are currently without staff support. She works a great deal on her own time to make sure that faculty, students and staff are receiving the best service possible. She is always one to lend a hand or offer to make sure that work gets done in a timely and succinct manner. In addition to her own job duties in Literacy Education and ATE, she has been providing secretarial support to the doctoral program, the special education program and the certification office. Any time faculty need assistance with a project, they always seem to turn to Barbie.  She is always willing to help and never complains about the extra work.  She is always smiling and her patience is unparalleled, considering the extra amount of work she has undertaken. Barbie is a very dedicted, efficient, hardworking and loyal member of our team and we are very fortunate and grateful for her skills with MURC, Marshall and all of the various programs she works with.”

Stange wrote: “Barbie is an outstanding employee serving faculty members in reading education as well as serving faculty members in writing and elementary education.  She is a quick study, and accomplishes tasks both efficiently and professionally.  The candidates in the college often comment about her immediate response to inquiries.  She assists in training new graduate assistants regarding Blackboard. She volunteers her time and talent when other departments need help with minor and major tasks.  She is responsive to email requests when faculty are away from campus and need information. She easily establishes rapport with everyone on both campuses.”

Norvell was presented with a certificate and a check for $100 by Ginny Painter, Senior Vice President for Communications and Marketing.


Photo: Barbie Norvell (second from right), poses with her Employee of the Month Award. With her are, from left, Ginny Painter, Senior Vice President for Communcations and Marketing, who made the presentation, and Becky Sloan and Gabi Dahalia, who were among the nominators.