COEPD undergoes numerous major transitions; clinical experiences office and student services office merge

The College of Education and Professional Development (COEPD) has undergone major transitions since last semester. From a total basement renovation in Jenkins Hall, to office and classroom relocations across campus, there have been many changes within the college.

The clinical experiences office and student services office have been transformed into S.C.o.P.E.S – Student Center of Professional Education Services.  S.C.o.P.E.S has merged two offices into one in hopes of better serving the students. The office provides a one-stop shop for all questions and concerns relating to COEPD advising, certification, clinical experiences and graduation.

“We want to provide consistency to both our students and faculty. Our goal is to become more efficient. The merging of these two offices just made sense. Everyone in the office is excited for this new adventure,” said S.C.o.P.E.S. Director Kandice Napier.

Personnel, their new roles, and contact information include:

Napier, who joined COEPD 2011, has worked in a staff role at MU for 15 years. She served as the director of the college’s student services department  before becoming the director for S.C.o.P.E.S.   (, ext.  6.-6842, Jenkins Hall 226)

Amanda Preece has transitioned from serving as a public educator for 12 years in Wayne County and now joins the S.C.o.P.E.S. team as assistant director. (, ext.6-3100, Jenkins Hall 204)

Betty Lewis continues in her role as the program’s academic adviser. Lewis has been with the College of Education for more than 29 years and is a vital contact for both students and faculty.(, ext.6-2865, Jenkins Hall 231)

Tammy Aliff is the program’s education credential specialist as a liaison to the West Virginia Department of Education with regard to certification and to the university regarding graduation. Aliff has more than 31 years of service at MU. (, ext.6-2857, Jenkins Hall 230)

Toni Ferguson, who has been at MU for eight years,  worked with the clinical office and student teaching department prior to the S.C.o.P.E.S. merger. Ferguson now serves as support to the S.C.O.P.E.S. office as program associate. (, ext.6-3239, Jenkins Hall 200)

Susan Midkiff is the program’s administrative secretary, senior.  Midkiff has been with the COEPD for one year, and is currently an MU student majoring in elementary education, thereby providing an understanding of the perspectives of both the staff and students. (, ext.6-2861, Jenkins Hall 225)

For more information, stop by the office in Jenkins Hall 225 or visit