Grand opening for Marshall Nursing Simulation Center scheduled for today in Huntington and tomorrow in Point Pleasant

MOVCNurses1The  School of Nursing will showcase its new Nursing Simulation Center for the Huntington campus and the Mid-Ohio Valley Center today and tomorrow.

Dr. Denise Landry, chair of the School of Nursing, said members of the Marshall community can view the Nursing Simulation Center on the Huntington campus from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. today Nov. 19, and can view the Mid-Ohio Valley Center’s (MOVC) Nursing Simulation facilities at the center in Point Pleasant from 3 to 6 p.m. tomorrow.

“We wanted to provide our university community with two chances to visit our new nursing simulation laboratories,” Landry said. “We plan to conduct a demonstration with the state-of-the-art equipment housed in our facilities to highlight the amazing educational opportunities our nursing students have here at Marshall University.”

Landry said the demonstrations will be performed by faculty and students in the School of Nursing with special assistance from the high-fidelity mannequins.

“Our high-fidelity mannequins are run by a computer and incorporate advanced features such as a chest wall that rises and falls to simulate respiration, pulses, and programmable heart, breath and bowel sounds,” Landry said. “When students work with these mannequins in the simulation center, they are preparing themselves for the real world of nursing.”

Dr. Deanna Pope, coordinator for the MOVC nursing program, said the Nursing Simulation Center located at the Point Pleasant campus offers the same educational advantages, including opportunities for distance learning for traditional and non-traditional students.

“Our Nursing Simulation Center located in the MOVC is doing the exact same thing as the Huntington campus,” Pope said. “We offer high-fidelity simulation with our mannequins which allows students to prepare for clinical work. During the simulation demonstration, we can make these mannequins talk, have seizures, change vital signs and we can even make him die. These real-life scenarios are invaluable for our nursing students to experience before they venture out into their future professions.”

The grand opening reception for the Huntington Nursing Simulation Center is in Corbly Hall room 433. The grand opening reception for the Point Pleasant Nursing Simulation Center is in the MOVC nursing laboratory.



Photo:  (Left to right): MOVC nursing students Angela Dorsey, Cara Hesson and Tiffany Bailey work with the Nursing Simulation Center’s high-fidelity mannequins to prepare for working in a real-life clinical setting.