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Marshall Health launches new online patient portal for easier access to health information

Marshall Health has launched a new patient portal program called “Follow My Health™,” which offers patients a secure option to view their health records online.

Follow My Health™ allows patients to conveniently view, manage, transmit and download medical records of items that include office visits, immunizations and certain test results.  The portal also provides the patient with the option of requesting appointments and prescription refills, as well as the ability to send secure e-mails to the health care team, at any hour and wherever Internet access is available.

The portal is for non-urgent communication only.

“We are pleased to offer this new and free technology to our patients, which provides them with enhanced access to their own personal health record,” said Beth L. Hammers, executive director for Marshall Health. “We hope our patients will register for the portal to gain instant access to their information which ultimately means expanded communication between them and their health care team.”

Current Marshall Health patients with valid email accounts may begin using the web-based tool after providing their e-mail address in person during regular business hours.  An invitation to open a portal account is then generated by Follow My Health™ and the patient selects a username and password.  Parents and/or guardians may also register accounts for their minor children.

“In today’s world of instant information, it’s imperative that we empower patients with technologies that translate to an improved experience and quality health care,” said Michael J. McCarthy, chief information officer for Marshall Health.

Patients may access their health care information from any desktop computer, tablet or smartphone once the account has been established through Marshall Health.

Follow My Health™ is a product of Allscripts Healthcare.