Doctoral research to investigate motivation to commit fraud

A doctoral student has invited the Marshall University community to participate in her research on what motivates people to commit fraud. Participants in the survey may enter to win an Amazon gift card worth $100. The survey is open to everyone 18 years of age or older. To participate, persons should visit the survey link at

The complete text of the invitation to participate is shown below.


LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!  Be part of something special and you could win a $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD! Open to everyone 18 years old or older! Just complete an online survey which should only take 45 minutes of your time! Participate in this study to help us learn more about fraud behavior. Participation is completely anonymous! Just connect to the survey with the link shown below. Join us today! Invite your family and friends! The survey will be gone soon!

We would like to find out more about what motivates people to commit fraud. This is not intended to be demeaning or to criticize behavior, but simply to understand the factors which influence these decisions and what we can do to help people in need. Needs fall into many different categories and are often situation-specific. It is the researcher’s hope that this study will provide information which will equip societies and organizations with the tools to help its members.

Research indicates that all of us commit fraud on a fairly regular basis whether it is lying about our age or inflating expenses on a tax return. I need your help in understanding why people are inclined to commit fraud and what society can do to help them. No one will know how you respond individually – not even the researcher. Your answers will become part of a general database. Your participation is greatly appreciated and may make a tremendous contribution to how society can meet the needs of its citizens.

It is very important that participants provide honest and sincere answers. Some of the questions may ask very personal information that may seem invasive, such as whether you have every committed fraud and information regarding the circumstances. You are free to opt out of this research at any time. These questions are asked in order to understand fraud behavior and are not intended to criticize or judge your actions. Please read the questions carefully.

Participation will be completely anonymous and this research will not be used in any way to detect individual illicit acts. You will be asked to electronically acknowledge an informed consent form. You will then be given the opportunity to participate in this very important study which could have global implications.

You can use a private or public computer. IP addresses will not be recorded by the researcher. You will not be asked for any individual identifying information. Generalized results will be published once the research is completed. Several colleges and universities will be participating which will also increase anonymity. It is vital that you feel free to provide honest responses. Therefore, this research is designed to insure anonymity and confidentiality.

When you are finished, you will be given an email address to register for a $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD. Your email submission cannot be linked to your responses in the survey.

If you are willing to participate in this research project, please click on the link below.