Woodward writes account of U.S. role in World War I

The American Army and the First World War, the most recent book written by Dr. David R. Woodward, emeritus professor of history, is the latest addition to Cambridge University Press’ Armies of the Great War series.

The series is published in honor of the war’s centenary. This volume by Woodward, his second book since retiring in 2006, has been described as the first truly holistic account of the U.S.’s role on the battlefields of Europe in 1917-1918 because of its examination of social, political and economic factors.

Through firsthand accounts from their diaries, letters and memoirs, Woodward depicts the doughboys’ first encounters with regimented military life and their experience both behind and in the trenches of the world’s first truly modern war.

Woodward was a professor of modern European and Russian history and his work focused on World War I and its diplomatic and military relations. He retired in 2006 after spending 41 years in the classroom, 36 of them at Marshall.

The American Army and the First World War is a 481-page paperback and is available at Empire Books in downtown Huntington and through Amazon.com. Woodward said it costs $29.99 at Empire and $26.99 plus shipping costs if ordered through Amazon.

“This reflects about three years of work,” Woodward said. “I spent a lot of time on it and I enjoyed doing it. It’s really the culmination of my work on the First World War. Of course, I’ve been working in that area for around 35 years.”