Faculty Achievement: University Libraries

Marshall Libraries’ faculty Jingping Zhang, Gretchen Beach, Thomas Walker and Larry Sheret co-authored “A Primer on How to Launch an Institutional Repository Successfully” which has been published in the peer-reviewed journal The Charleston Advisor.

The article is a case study about the successful launch of Marshall Digital Scholar (MDS), Marshall’s institutional repository (IR), which provides open access to the faculty’s scholarly output, and the University archives. MU faculty who wish to have their published articles, presentations and other research output posted in MDS should send their CV or a list of published articles to mds@marshall.edu or the University Librarian/Director of Libraries Operations at zhangj@marshall.edu. Copyright clearance and loading them into MDS will be handled by the librarians.

The article is accessible from Marshall Digital Scholar at http://mds.marshall.edu/lib_faculty/40.

“Libraries have always collected information from a worldwide marketplace and have disseminated these resources locally,” said University Librarian/Director of Libraries Operations Jingping Zhang. “The IR has created a new function for the library by making it practical to acquire locally developed resources and to disseminate them freely worldwide. This has altered the traditional role of librarians and suggests a broader set of implications for the future usefulness and relevancy of the IR as doors open to new partnerships that will strengthen the university and the library’s place within it.”