Marshall 20/20 Implementation Teams Approach Midpoint

Marshall2020LogoThe Marshall 20/20 strategic planning process continues to move forward on an aggressive schedule. The seven Implementation Teams have a March 25 deadline for producing draft plans for implementing the opportunities identified last fall by the Rapid Response Teams.

The teams will refine the plans over the next few weeks. Once the teams’ proposed plans are finalized later this semester, the university’s administrative leadership team will review their feasibility and determine which ones will be implemented.

The goal of the Marshall 20/20 process is to offer programs and services more efficiently. The gains in efficiency will position the university to operate in the face of ongoing cuts to state funding and will free up resources for investment in university priorities.

The teams, identified opportunities and the estimated net revenue enhancement for each are identified below:

Printing, Faxing and IT-Related Services ($709,187)

  • Consolidating IT staff within IT division
  • Eliminating desktop printers; move to network printers
  • Eliminating shadow systems/licenses
  • Coordinating IT support positions across campus
  • Upgrading video multiplexing controller
  • Videoconference – Lync

Auxiliaries and Facilities ($3,659,790)

  • Evaluating outsourcing of housekeeping/grounds
  • Reviewing auxiliary positions
  • Selling University Heights property
  • Combining summer/evening classroom buildings
  • Upgrading lighting fixtures
  • Hiring mechanical engineer
  • Hiring digital control specialist
  • Establishing energy policy
  • Improving space utilization
  • Closing underutilized buildings/areas
  • Staggering maintenance shifts

P-Card, Procurement and Travel ($1,153,780)

  • Consolidating printer and copiers under managed contract
  • Expanding use of My Buy
  • Implementing new P-Card reconciliation process
  • Terminating expiring leases
  • Contracting with external travel agency/related policies and procedures
  • Rebidding suppliers of cable services
  • Reducing memberships

Marketing, Public Relations and Websites ($367,417)

  • Outsourcing selected Printing Services
  • Consolidating marketing and public relations functions
  • Coordinating university website – in house and hosted by university
  • Increasing revenues from trademarks/licensing – licensing affiliate

Libraries ($312,938)

  • Consolidating library services (Health Science Library/South Charleston Campus library)

Academic ($1,655,169)

  • Restarting continuing education
  • Implementing new E-course funding and development model
  • Increasing distance-learning courses – revenue enhancement

Administrative and Finance ($1,330,528)

  • Instituting training requirements/efficiency
  • Implementing a business center model for administrative services
  • Reducing the MURC payroll surcharge
  • Eliminating student insurance
  • Enhancing grant administration processes

For more information, including the implementation team charter with lists of team members (Approach Document) and a set of Guiding Principles developed for the strategic planning process, visit the Marshall 20/20 website.