Peyton Elementary second-graders to visit Marshall’s Huntington campus for Black History Month

Second-grade students from Peyton Elementary will visit the Huntington campus later this month to conduct interviews with student members of the Society of Black Scholars and other outstanding students.  The children also will be touring various places on the Huntington campus.

The children originally were scheduled to visit MU Friday, Feb. 20, but bad weather forced postponement of the visit until Friday, March 27. Stephanie Cade and Melanie Grobe are the class teachers.

The interviews are part of a case study the classes are developing in connection with Black History Month.  One of the goals of Cade’s and Grobe’s assignment is to provide students with role models of as many ethnicities, genders, and occupations as possible, while highlighting the accomplishments of African Americans in the local community.

The Peyton students will be interviewing the college students in order to hear about their successes and any struggles or failures they confronted while pursuing their goals.  The teachers would also like for their young students to realize that college is an opportunity for them.

The June Harless Center, College of Education and Professional Development, Cade, Grobe, and the school principal, Ryan McKenzie, organized the day.  Maurice Cooley, associate vice president for Intercultural Affairs, the students from the Society of Black Scholars, and members of the Marshall community assisted in planning a special day on campus for the second-graders.