Shredding and Recycling offices give reminders on proper procedures


6730With a new calendar year well underway and with an increase in the shredding of documents in numerous departments, the Shredding and Recycling offices are offering reminders on how to destroy documents properly.

Of primary importance, they emphasize, anything containing confidential information (including student, employee, patient, and external) needs to be destroyed appropriately.  Placing files in recycling containers on campus does not meet this requirement and using a ribbon cutting shredder is also not an appropriate method.  All Marshall documents requiring destruction must be reduced to a strip measuring no more than 2” x 0.25”.

There is a free service for shredding and document destruction in Old Main, B21A.  For more information, as well as to schedule a pickup of documents (currently for the Huntington campus only), or for walk-in hours, go to

The shredding is done by Marshall students and staff who have signed a legally binding confidentially agreement due to the sensitive nature of items handled.  If there is a need for continued destruction of documents, confidential document bins are available for a one time purchase and offered at vendor cost.

Both the Center for International Programs and the Admissions Office have been utilizing the services of the Shredding Office, according to Patty Carman from the Center for International Programs/Admissions Office, who said, “I am currently working on a project for the Center for International Programs where I’ve been contacting the Shredding Office about once a week to dispose of boxes of old materials. It’s a very quick and efficient way to free up storage space for both of the offices. The staff in the Shredding Office is great to work with and can schedule pickup days/times at your convenience.”

For additional information, contact Jonathan Sutton at or call ext. 6-5224.


Photo: Student workers in Old Main shred documents.