New minor in film studies to begin this fall

Beginning in Fall 2015, a new interdisciplinary minor in film studies will be available at Marshall University, according to Dr. Walter Squire, assistant professor of English.

Composed of courses in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Arts and Media, the film studies minor will educate students in the analysis, evaluation and production of dynamic visual texts. The minor will provide students opportunities to discover how a variety of film-based texts are created, communicate and interact with almost all human endeavors, according to Squire.

“The minor encourages students to explore a diversity of visual texts, elements of production and interrelationships between film and culture,” he said. “Some of the film studies offerings for Fall 2015 include courses on acting, digital media, James Bond, Japanese film, Latin American film, photography, stage lighting and television.”

The film studies program will also serve Marshall and the Huntington community through sponsoring visiting filmmakers and film scholars, screenings of independent films, student film festivals and outreach programs to local schools and communities.

For more information about the film studies minor, contact Squire at