Latest information on move to bi-weekly pay given by finance office

Marshall’s finance office has issued the following statement regarding pay changes that are expected for Marshall University employees.


Although there is still much uncertainty regarding the move to bi-weekly and other pay changes, we wanted to provide an update to the campus and share a few reminders.

  • Marshall University employees will NOT be moving to bi-weekly prior to July 1.  To this point no agencies have gone live on wvOASIS or bi-weekly pay.
  • It is highly unlikely that Marshall University employees will to move to bi-weekly pay prior to October of 2015.
  • All summer school pay will be paid on regular paychecks and in arrears.
  • The first paycheck for ALL employees on less than 12 month contracts whose contract period begins in mid-August for Academic Year 2015-2016 will be September 15, 2015.  A separate communication will be sent out to all employees on less than 12 month within the next week with additional information, including information for those with other contract start dates.
  • A revised FAQ has been released by the wvOASIS team, but note that most of the information relates to those employees of agencies who will be participating in the first wave of the wvOASIS implementation.

We will continue to share any new information we receive about the move to bi-weekly and other changes that may impact our employees as a result of the implementation of wvOASIS. Please visit our Pay Changes website at for additional information.