Marshall Health observes Better Hearing and Speech Month

ENT GroupMarshall  Health’s Ear, Nose and Throat specialists are celebrating May as Better Hearing and Speech  Month and they would like to remind everyone about the signs of hearing loss, which include:

Children & Youth

  • Lack of attention to sounds (birth-1 year)
  • Not responding when you call his/her name (7 months-1 year)
  • Not following simple directions (1-2 years)
  • Showing delays in speech and language development (birth-3 years)
  • Pulling or scratching at his/her ears
  • Difficulty achieving academically, especially in reading and math


  • Inattentiveness
  • Buzzing or ringing in their ears
  • Persistent ear discomfort after exposure to loud noise (regular and constant listening to electronics at high volumes)
  • Avoiding conversation
  • Social isolation
  • Depression

In addition, studies have linked untreated hearing loss effects to:

  • irritability, negativism and anger
  • fatigue, tension, stress and depression
  • avoidance or withdrawal from social situations
  • reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety
  • impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks
  • diminished psychological and overall health

Ways to help with hearing loss, they advise, are to schedule a hearing evaluation for you or a family member if you suspect hearing loss, and to ask your audiologist about the need for hearing aids or cochlear implants.

“Marshall Health’s Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists are here to serve all your hearing healthcare needs,” said audiologist Dr. Cathy Newman.  She suggests calling  304-691-8690 to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation or to ask her any questions you may have regarding your or a family member’s hearing health care.


Photo: Marshall Health’s Ear, Nose and Throat team includes (front row)  Cathy Newman, Doctor of Audiology; Scott Gibbs, M.D., Otolaryngologist;; (back row)  Kayla Peyton, LPN;  Patti King, LPN;  Amber Nelson, Patient Liason..