‘Euscorpius’ publication reaches 200th issue milestone

The 200th issue of Euscorpius, the only existing research journal completely devoted to scorpions, is now available.

Edited by Dr. Victor Fet, professor of biological sciences at Marshall and Michael E. Soleglad from Winchester, California, the journal is based at Marshall and is located online at www.science.marshall.edu/fet/euscorpius. Euscorpius is also hosted on Marshall Digital Scholar at http://mds.marshall.edu/euscorpius.

The issue may be downloaded at www.science.marshall.edu/fet/euscorpius/p2015_200.pdf.

This 200th issue is accompanied by a separate Bicentennial booklet (15 pages), which can be downloaded at www.science.marshall.edu/fet/euscorpius/Euscorpius%20Bicentennial%20Booklet.pdf.