Kindermusik program returns to Marshall Speech and Hearing Center June 13

Kindermusik_Summer2015Kindermusik, an internationally recognized program that promotes childhood development through music, will be offered by the Speech and Hearing Center beginning June 13.

Every lesson is embedded with developmental milestones children should be aiming toward, according to Carrie Wellman, licensed Kindermusik teacher and a 2013 graduate of the  Department of Communication Disorders.

“When you walk into a Kindermusik classroom, it looks like we are having a lot of fun, but in fact, we are challenging the brain to develop at a faster rate through music and movement,” Wellman said. “Research has shown that thirty minutes of Kindermusik a week is linked to a 32 percent literacy gain.”

Wellman said Kindermusik has not been offered at Marshall  since 2007 and she hopes to continue the program into the fall and spring semesters.

“This program is unlike any other – we allow the children to express themselves without a rigorous, structured setting while encouraging activity and independent thinking,” Wellman said. “Kindermusik is so successful because we do not worry about the child fitting the lesson plan, but rather, the lesson plan fitting the child so they can have fun and learn at same time.”

Pam Holland, clinical director for the Speech and Hearing Center, said she realized the benefits of Kindermusik firsthand after enrolling her own children in the program.

As director, Holland also hopes Kindermusik will encourage more families to take advantage of the services offered through the  Speech and Hearing Center.

Kindermusik classes are used by over 2 million families in over 70 countries, according to the program’s website. The cost for Marshall’s Kindermusik program will be $95 per child, which includes tuition and take-home materials for parents to use outside of the classroom.

A free class will be offered at 11 a.m. June 6, in the Speech and Hearing Center. The seven-week Kindermusik program will begin June 13 and end Aug. 1 with three classes offered at 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m. and only 12 students allowed per class. To learn more about Kindermusik and enrollment, contact Wellman at 304-730-2837, e-mail or visit online.


Photo: Carrie Wellman has been a licensed Kindermusik teacher since October 2014. Wellman said children ages 0-7 can take advantage of the Kindermusik program  beginning June 13.