South Charleston campus library featuring art show

Artwork by members of Gallery Eleven and Allied Artists of West Virginia is now on display in the South Charleston campus library.

With the theme, “Enlighten Our Senses,” the exhibit features landscapes, scenes and abstracts.

The artwork will be on display through August and a new exhibit planned for the fall will also feature works by Allied Artists of West Virginia and Galley Eleven artists.

Participating artists will include Kathy Boland, Joyce Waltz Daniels, Anthony (Tony) Papa, Pat Roberts, Linda Charles Stone, Linda Stonestreet and Amy Stout.

KathyBolandBoland works in oil, acrylic, dry point, gouache and pastels.  She has experimented with painting into very strong color washes or painting over an under drawing. “I love complexity and difference, even contradiction, and the struggle to integrate ideas with vision.  I find nuance and insight in the ordinary and familiar” she says. “I enjoy wonderful growth when I look at nature’s complexity and paint it.  Art is my road to discovery.” And she adds, “Experimentation is, I believe, the path to refining vision and [enriching] lives.”

JudyDanielsDaniels has a M.A. in biology from West Virginia University and has taught biology and science in public schools.  She worked administratively for the state college and university system for more than 30 years.  She said her favorite Christmas present as young child was a new box of crayons, “especially the big 64-color box with its exotic colors like cornflower, thistle and orchid.” She likes to create and experience textures in various arts and crafts  from needlework and hand-weaving to digital art, says she strives to make her paintings evoke feelings of pleasure as well as curiosity.

AnthonyPapaPapa, who has three degrees in organic chemistry, including a Ph.D., finds that, seen through a chemist’s eye, there is much hidden beauty in a chemical plant.    “The array of colors exhibited by the gases of manufacturing units, the exotic color of the flues, the complex and intriguing entanglement of pipes and storage tanks, reactors, and distillation columns are captivating,” he says. The New York City native has been broadly published in his field, including  books and scientific journals and is the inventor of 35 U.S. patents. Since retiring, Papa says that he is pursuing two passions, building stone walls and painting.  Currently he is painting with a palette knife, concentrating on West Virginia’s autumn landscapes and chemical plants, and he’s interested in applying bright colors to landscapes to capture the effects of sunlight.

Roberts says growing up in rural Vermont with its beautiful scenery, changing seasons and wonderful colors, much like West Virginia, instilled in her a great love of nature.  She paints with watercolor, oil and acrylic but also incorporates other media, collage, assemblage and various textures into her paintings. After retiring as a legal secretary, she took classes at the University of Charleston and with local artists and studied with nationally known artists.  Her work has won awards and has been published several regional magazines.

LindaStoneStone, a West Virginia native, takes pride in her home state. Growing up in the southern coalfields limited her early exposure to art but her imagination was ignited when she lived and worked in Washington, D.C. Watercolor and oil, sometimes mixed with 22-karat gold leaf, are incorporated into her abstracted paintings along with several other media that produce unusual textures and highlights. “I am blessed to be in West Virginia where nature provides beauty and emotions from which I draw tremendous strength and a desire to create,” she said. “This is a way to share my memories, my love of life and of color with others.”

Stonestreet grew up in St. Albans and is a Marshall graduate with a B.A. in English. The past 30 years were spent raising her three sons and running a small business with her husband. Then, an art class she took in 2004 from local artist Susann Cole opened artistic doors. “Now I not only had the love and the artistic vision but I also had the tools and techniques I needed to create both abstract and realistic paintings,” she explains. While she works in several media, oil is her favorite.  Currently living on a mountaintop surrounded by woods with a breathtaking view, she says, “I love nature. Its colors and forms create natural works of art every day.”

Stout is a native West Virginian born into an artistic family.  Growing up, she was always immersed in their creative process. “It was always a creative event with constant input and feedback,” she says, and now as an adult it’s no surprise that she enjoys working with others, either individuals or teams on collaborative projects.  She prefers simple, bold pieces.  “I do some realism, but lean toward modern and abstract art,” she says. “Working in all [media allows] the freedom to use the skills I have been taught, but test the boundaries, explore new ways or unconventional methods.”

JudyFoxxIn addition, Judy Foxx will also have some of her paintings on display.

Library staff member Philann White is coordinating the exhibition. For additional information, contact her at or ext. 6-8900.