Marshall 20/20 Update: Changes in organization for Finance and University Communications, computer purchases


The implementation phase of the Marshall 20/20 process officially began last week. Starting with this issue, We Are … Marshall will include regular updates regarding the status of these initiatives.


  •  Effective July 1, the Printing Services unit became part of the Office of University Communications. This first phase of the consolidation of the university’s marketing and communications-related functions ultimately will make graphic design services and printing easier, faster and cheaper for departments across all campuses. The coordination that will result from having all these functions under one organizational umbrella also will leverage the abilities of the entire staff and integrate the university’s brand identity across all media. A new business model for graphic design and printing is being developed. More information will be shared as those plans are finalized.


  • Starting with Fiscal Year 2016, all computer purchases will follow a new process for acquisition, management, deployment and disposal. This will allow us to leverage collective buying power and educational discounts. The goals of the process are to provide prudent stewardship of university resources while ensuring each permanent employee who needs access to a computer to perform his or her assigned duties has a suitable device. For core budget orgs, central funding will be utilized to replace computers on a life-cycle basis for permanent positions. Additionally, all new full-time tenure or tenure-track faculty in core budget orgs are to receive a centrally funded computer. More details on the new process will be shared in the near future.


  • As part of the 20/20 effort, the Finance division reviewed their staffing structure and business needs, and based on this, made a variety of changes effective July 1. The changes will set the stage for developing more streamlined and integrated processes for accounts payable, purchase card and travel;  improve resource alignment and utilization for technology, reporting and analysis; and encourage an enhanced focus on customer service and efficiency. A few of the major changes include Melanie Gallaher becoming part of the budget team as a Budget Systems Analyst, Teresa Meddings becoming Interim Pcard Coordinator, and Kim Fry transitioning to a role more focused on responsibilities in the Accounts Payable area.  There are also a few other minor changes in responsibilities, changing of supervisors and relocation.  A new org chart for Finance is available at