Faculty Achievement: Dr. Thomas E. Wilson

Dr. Thomas E. Wilson, professor of physics, had an abstract accepted for an oral presentation at the 15th International Conference on Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter (Phonons 2015), held at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom July 12-17.   Phonons 2015 was the latest in the pre-eminent conference series on the physics of phonons and phonon interactions. Wilson’s paper was titled “Generation of coherent single-polarization 246 GHz nanosecond-pulsed longitudinal acoustic phonons in n-i-p-i silicon doping superlattices.”

Wilson’s research has been funded by grants from the Department of Defense, the National Science Foundation and NASA. Faculty interested in seeing a novel terahertz nanosecond-pulsed optically-pumped molecular gas laser, high-speed electronics instrumentation and liquid-helium immersion cryostat in operation, are invited to drop by his lab in Science 154. Visitors are advised to  wear a heavy coat as the temperature can get down to -456 degrees Fahrenheit, Wilson said.