Faculty/Staff Achievement: Armstead, ‘Creek Geeks’ present research in Pittsburgh

Dr. Mindy Armstead, Associate Professor in the Integrated Science and Technology Department, along with members of her research team, the self-titled “Creek Geeks,” traveled to Pittsburgh last week to give oral presentations about their research at the 2nd Environmental Considerations in Energy Production Conference.

Armstead gave a talk on an “Ongoing evaluation of the effects of watershed disturbance on aquatic ecosystems.” Mandee Wilson discussed “An evaluation of seasonal selenium bioaccumulation in mining influenced streams.” Kevin Rowsey presented “Development of culturing methods for native mayfly taxa for use in laboratory toxicity testing.”

The Creek Geeks conduct and present research on a wide variety of aquatic issues. They are currently working on developing methods for conducting toxicity tests with sensitive mayfly species, evaluating the bioaccumulation of selenium on native brook trout, and evaluating the effects of canopy cover disturbance on a headwater stream. The group, which includes undergraduate and graduate researchers, work on both field and laboratory projects aimed toward protecting aquatic resources in the region.


Photo: Members of the “Creek Geeks” research group work on one of their projects.