Faculty/Staff Achievement: Dr. Masudur Rahman

Dr. Masudur Rahman, post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Michael Norton’s nano-scale chemistry lab in the Department of Chemistry, gave both an oral and a Sci-Mix poster presentation at the 250th annual American Chemical Society meeting in Boston Aug. 16-20. Rahman’s presentation, titled “DNA nanostructures: Template Tool for Nanoelectronics” described part of his cutting-edge research, which provides an alternative nanolithography technique for the generation of nano scale features using DNA nanostructures. This research has the potential impact to many other areas, including electronics, optical physics, and biosensor development.

Norton’s research has been funded by grants from the Department of Defense, the National Science Foundation and NASA. He is working  to develop molecular level platforms for electrical and spectral characterization.  His lab is equipped with multiple types of scanning probe microscopes, which are used to generate topographical images of DNA based nanostructures, which are 1000 times thinner than a typical human hair, within a minute. Visitors are welcome to visit the lab to learn more about the research and to share in these explorations.