INTO Marshall University invites faculty, staff to strike up a conversation

Marshall faculty, staff and students can help an INTO Marshall student learn about American culture and also learn about that student’s culture through the Campus Conversation Partners program.

INTO’s Campus Conversation Partners pairs American students, faculty, and staff with international students. An application process focuses on a student’s interests and hobbies, in order to provide the international students with another outlet to practice their conversational English speaking skills.

Participants (both American and international) learn about other cultures through a peer-to-peer environment. Some of the cultures represented through the center include Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria and others.

“Once students receive a conversation partner, then the real fun begins,” said Kenny Jones, student engagement coordinator. The INTO Center distributes monthly challenges for the Campus Conversation Partner program. Through these challenges, students work collaboratively with their conversation partners to complete the challenge and then are entered in a monthly drawing for fun prizes.

“We are always looking for new volunteers!” Jones said.

For more information on the Campus Conversation Partners Program or to receive an application electronically, contact Jones by e-mail at, or call the INTO Marshall Information Desk at ext .6-4686. You may also visit the INTO Center in person to fill out an application.