Faculty/Staff Achievement: Dr. Slav Gratchev

Dr. Slav N. Gratchev, assistant professor of Spanish, has published a scholarly article, “Prince Myshkin as a Tragic Interpretation of Don Quixote,” in Cervantes 35.1 (2015). Cervantes is one of the most influential scholarly journals in the field of Hispanic Studies and publishes scholarly articles concerned with Miguel de Cervantes’ works and life.

In his article, Gratchev argues that while Don Quixote can be considered a primary model for Prince Myshkin, the protagonist of the famous Dostoevsky novel The Idiot, Jesus Christ has always been the primary philosophical agent of his literary appearance. By exploring the phenomenon of Myshkin’s double orientation, toward Don Quixote and Jesus Christ, Gratchev suggests that the tragic interpretation of Don Quixote’s literary twin was inevitable, as the character’s “answerability” (Bakhtin) was artificially hampered by the will of the author.