Faculty, staff asked to host INTO Marshall students at Thanksgiving

INTO Marshall has announced an opportunity over Thanksgiving break for Marshall University faculty and staff.

“Over the holiday, many of our students will stay in Huntington for the short break period. Last year, we placed more than 50 students in American homes to share a meal,” said Kelli Kerbawy, staff member at INTO Marshall. “As such, we are looking for faculty and staff who would be interested in hosting one of our students in their home for Thanksgiving dinner. If you are staying in town over break, please consider hosting a student or students for dinner. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about a new culture and share a traditional American meal. Dinner in an American home provides students a chance to become more familiar with the Huntington community. This is an opportunity to foster new friendships that promote cultural learning and appreciation for both hosts and students.”

Hosts will be provided a student’s e-mail and phone number to arrange the date, time and transportation (if necessary) on the day of the dinner.

“If you are interested, please e-mail me at kerbawy1@marshall.edu or submit the online application,” Kerbawy said. “Please include how many students you would be willing to accommodate and the date you could host them. We found last year that many folks hosted on Thanksgiving Day, but also the day before or after depending on family plans. Please be aware, some cultures may have strict dietary restrictions, but we will do our best to communicate those ahead of time. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.”

The deadline for sign-ups is Tuesday, Nov. 10.