Faculty/Staff Achievement: Dr. Jeffrey Powell publishes translation of Heidegger work

Dr. Jeffrey Powell, John Deaver Drinko Fellow and professor of philosophy, and William McNeill have translated a book by Martin Heidegger, The History of Beyng, which is now available.

According to the publisher, Indiana University Press, the History of Beyng belongs to a series of Heidegger’s reflections from the 1930s that concern how to think about being, not just as a series of occurrences, but as essentially historical or fundamentally as an event. Originally published in 1998 as Volume 69 of Heidegger’s Complete Works, this translation opens new avenues for understanding the trajectory of Heidegger’s thinking during that time.

The link to the book on the publisher’s site is http://www.iupress.indiana.edu/product_info.php?cPath=1037_3130_9040&products_id=80765.