Reminder: Marshall Pharmacies accept all prescriptions from all providers

Both Marshall Pharmacies, located in the Marshall Medical Center and the Byrd Clinical Center, accept all prescriptions from all  providers.

According to the pharmacies:

“Need a prescription filled from a provider outside the Marshall network?   We are…available.

Need help figuring out your copays and insurance coverage?    We are…helpful.

Need more information about your medications?    We are…knowledgeable.”

For additional questions, contact Marshall Pharmacy at 304-691-MURx or ext.6-5000. The pharmacy also offers additional services such as Meds by Mail, online refills and the Marshall Pharmacy Rx mobile app, available on the iTunes and Amazon app stores.

Because navigating copays and insurance coverage can be complicated and PEIA benefits are often different than other insurers, Marshall Pharmacy is offering a breakdown of what to expect when having prescriptions filled through them:

  • PEIA deductible is $75 for a single person and $150 for a family; this renews each year on July 1.
  • PEIA’s copay is now $10 for a 30-day supply and $20 for a 90-day supply.   Marshall Health continues to waive a $5 copay on a 30-day supply and $10 on a 90-day supply.  This is an added benefit that Marshall Health offers to its PEIA patients who participate in their Medical Home.  PEIA has also increased copays on brand-name drugs.   Patients should consult their formulary, benefits summary or talk to a PEIA representative for details about brand-name copays or other questions.