Reminder regarding pay changes: start date of biweekly pay has been delayed, upcoming info sessions canceled

The following is a message from Mary Ellen Heuton, senior vice president for finance and CFO, which also was distributed by a mass e-mail Nov. 2:

We have just received an update from the wvOASIS team and as promised we are passing the information along to you.

The group who is managing the project for the State voted at their meeting today to “delay the deployment….including the conversion from semimonthly to biweekly pay indefinitely”.

Although we do not know when they might set the next date, we believe it will be after January.  Thus, the calendars, slides and other information we have shared with you on the website and in the information sessions are no longer accurate.  As soon as we learn of a new date for the conversion and any other changes in how the implementation will occur, we will use the same methods to share information.

A few additional notes:

Until the conversion, your pay and deductions will continue on the same schedule as today.

Until the conversion, your paycheck information will still be accessed through the State’s myApps website.

If you are scheduled for one of the upcoming information sessions, please note that they are being cancelled.

We will postpone the Smart Money Sessions until we learn of a new date for the conversion.

If you submitted a question related to the changes, be aware that with this delay the answers would not be relevant so we will not be posting a response.  We will however keep the questions and include them when we do our next update whenever the new date is decided.

Thank you for your continued patience with this and know that we will continue to do all that we can to minimize the impact of the eventual conversion.