Purchasing office issues refresher on procurement procedures

The Office of Purchasing has issued the following reminders and refreshers on procurement of goods and services.

Purchasing Thresholds

The threshold for obtaining formal, (public), bids increased from $25,000 to $50,000 with the exception of construction/renovation projects, which has a higher threshold.

  1. Departments may obtain quotations for purchases greater than $25,000 but less than $50,000 total. Purchasing may also acquire quotations when deemed in the best interest of the University. Three (3) fair and equitable, signed, quotations must be sent to the Office of Purchasing with a requisition. Quotations should be received from vendors on the same date and time. Specifications provided to the bidders must be identical.
  2. Equipment, (greater than $5,000 per unit), cannot be purchased outside of Banner or myBUY.
  3. Pcard purchases are limited to $10,000 outside of myBUY

Services performed by Individuals: New Form

The IRS and other considerations are factored into the hiring process when contracting services with individuals. The type of service performed and the individual’s status determines the payment method.

Please use the BOG48HR form located on the Office of Purchasing’s website: www.marshall.edu/purchasing/files/BOG48HR.pdf

Sole Source Purchasing

When no other vendor can supply a product/service that exceeds the bid threshold and is not on an authorized contract, then sole source documents must accompany the Banner requisition.
A form is available to assist with the process.

After-the-Fact Justification
An After-the-fact justification must accompany the requisition when in violation of the procurement process.
Purchasing is the authorized department to release orders to vendors.
A form is available to assist with the process.

Leasing Space
Do not enter into a lease agreement unless approved by the Office of the Senior Vice President of Operations
Orders for leases require the approval of the Senior Vice President for Operations.

Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising
All requests for advertising and marketing must be approved by the Office of University Communications.

All requests for computers and software must be approved by the Office of Information Technology.