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Simon Perry Center to conduct annual essay contest


Marshall’s Simon Perry Center for Constitutional Democracy is conducting its annual Dan O’Hanlon Essay Competition for students this summer, with the deadline for essays being Sept. 1.

Patricia Proctor, director of the center, has asked faculty and staff to let any students who might be interested know about the competition.

“This is a great opportunity to learn, to write about an interesting topic and to possibly win significant prizes ($1,000 first prize and $500 second prize)!” Proctor said.

This year’s question relates to what limitations, if any, should there be for invited speakers on campus, and how public universities should balance the competing interests of free speech, civil discourse, civic learning and sensitivity to those who may feel marginalized by particular speakers.

Students can find the Essay Question, rules and all relevant information by visiting the webpage for the Simon Perry Center (www. and clicking on the link for “Dan O’Hanlon Essay Competition.”

Prizes will be awarded in September.

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