College Adjustment Support Group sessions offered for students, community members

Graduate students in Marshall University’s Department of Psychology will conduct College Adjustment Support Group sessions for students and community members beginning next week. The sessions will be offered from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays, March 7 through May 2. The location is to be determined.

Goals for this support group include methods to improve interpersonal communications, improved ability to monitor unhelpful thought patterns, and help in regulating distressful emotions that may be tied to adjusting to college.  The group will cater to common experiences that individuals have involving the adjustment to college, according to support group co-leader Jeff Swenskie.

“College is a time full of changes, new opportunities and new stressors,” Swenskie said. “This group will help with managing these concerns and introduce skills that would be beneficial to navigating this new chapter of life,”

“If you are experiencing uncertainty with the outcomes of your college experiences, misunderstanding your feelings, or distress in friend or family relationships, this may be a helpful group for you,” said Corey Boothe, also co-leader of the group.

Those interested can e-mail either Boothe at Boothe27@live.marshall.eduor Swenskie at, or call Marshall’s Psychology Clinic at 304-696–2772.