Staff Recognition Luncheon coming up next Wednesday

Marshall University’s 34th annual Staff Recognition Luncheon will take place Wednesday, May 23, from noon to until 2 p.m. in the Don Morris Room in the Memorial Student Center on the Huntington campus.  In addition to the service awards, the Employee of the Year will be named at this time.

The following is the list of university staff members who will receive awards:

For 10 Years of Service:   Stephanie Ballou, Yvette Blevins, Timothy Cline, Quintina Davis, Debi Dean, Danny Eaves, Denise Hogsett, Ralph Holley, Antony Hunter, Pamela Lane, Brandon Lowery, John Maher, Char McKenna, Benny Moore, Juanita Parsons, Ruth Patton, Molly Robertson, Anthony Smith, Tracy Smith, Debby Stoler, Jennifer Strickland, Amber Vance, David Walker, Laura Walker and Miriah Young.

For 15 Years of Service:  Shyla Abraham, Christopher Albright, Amber Bentley, John Bowen, Frank Brodtrick, Terry Campbell, Elizabeth Coffey, Maurice Cooley, Catherine Donchatz, Kathy Hale, Lisa Henry, Tammy Johnson, Sybil Lockard, Sarah Murray, Jeffrey O’Malley, Jyotsna Patel, Larry Smith, Javey Vance and Monique Williams.

For 20 Years of Service:  Beatrice Crane Banford, Jon Cutler, Billy Howard, Linda Newman, Bonnie Prisk, Regena Terry and Penny Watkins.

For 25 Years of Service:  Michael Clay, Andrew Earles, Michael Farley, Jack Ferrell, Billy Johnson, Michael Justice, David Lambert, Lonny Muncy, Cheri Musgrave, Becky Pack, Jo Raines, Dorothy Rinehardt, Janice Runyon, Susan Tams, Deandre Turner and Lisa Williamson.

For 30 Years of Service:  Jeanne Adkins, Mike Adkins, Darlene Colegrove, Joyce Stevens Harrah, Virginia Holderby, Edwin Holley, Yetta Meadows, Sherry Osburn, Tara Runyon, Carol Stinson, James Terry, Nina Bevels Thompson and Cora Westmoreland.

For 35 Years of Service:  David Bailey, Cassandra Chappelle, Trula Stanley and Patsy Stephenson.

For 40 Years of Service:  Vickie Crager, Arlene Ferguson and Estil Hurn.

For 45 Years of Service:  Sue Ellen Bell and Randy Price.

Retirees to date:  Marlene Alley, Timothy Calvert, Virginia Campbell-Turner, Edna Cole, Dencil Dean, Pete Divers, Ed Dzierzak, Arlene Ferguson, Joann Haley, Nadine Hamrick, Stanley Harper, Billy Howard,  Estil Hurn, Cara Lapelle, Jeffrey Long, Patricia McCoy, Gloria McFann, Yetta Meadows,  Richard Osburn, Phillip Sergent, Stephanie Smith, Regena Terry,  Barbara Tubbs, David Wellman, Sandra White, Joe Wortham and Connie Zirkle.


River and Rail Buffet: Chicken Marsala, Penne Pasta with Meat or Alfredo Sauce, Steamed Vegetable Medley, Oven Roasted Potatoes, House Salad & Assorted Dressings, Dinner Rolls, and Assorted Deserts.  Regular and Decaf Coffee, Tea, Ice Water.