Host family sought for assistant Japanese teacher at Cabell Midland

Meagan Joseph is a graduate of Marshall University and now a teacher of Japanese at Cabell Midland High School. She received a grant from the J-LEAP program to provide a native Japanese speaker for her classroom. As you will read, she is hoping to find a host family who will allow Shino Ueo to live with them while she is in Huntington.

The grant does supply a $500 monthly stipend for the host family. A short biography of Ueo follows:

Name: Shino Ueo

Birthday: 5/7/1988 (currently 29)

Sex: Female (Also, she is married, but her husband will be in Japan)

Hometown: Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Languages: Japanese, English, Malaysian language, Indonesian language

Hobbies: Tennis, Mountain Climbing/General Outdoors activities, Tea Ceremony, Illustration, Cooking

What she hopes to learn about through homestay: General American culture and customs, food culture and manners, the local community, and how Americans interact in such a multi-racial environment.

What she is hoping to contribute to the host family: Japanese cooking, Japanese cultural activities like origami/games, helping with a fair share of chores.

NOTE: She is allergic to pet dander, dust, and smoke. Pet-free/Smoke-free homes only!

“For the past two years, I have been participating in a program called J-LEAP that puts Japanese native speakers in classrooms across the United States,” Joseph said. “I have once again been selected to participate in this program, with Cabell Midland being one of only six schools selected in the U.S. However, for this August-November 2018 there is a need for a host family. If you or anyone you know would be interested in hosting, please contact me. (If you can only do one or two months, that is fine as well.)”

Further information is available as follows: