Students and faculty attend digital humanities ‘unconference’

A group of Marshall students and faculty joined students, faculty, staff and professionals from Ohio University, Bowling Green State University, Fayette County Public Schools, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory at THATCamp Ohio 2018 in Athens, Ohio, last month. Like the THATCamp Marshall hosted in March 2018, THATCamp Ohio 2018 brought together those interested in sharing knowledge of new technologies and discussing how digital tools can help answer questions about the world.

THATCamp attendees worked together to develop a schedule of sessions after attending a keynote talk from Dr. Roopika Risam, assistant professor of English and voordinator of the Digital Studies Graduate Certificate program at Salem State University.

Marshall Associate Professor of English Dr. Jana Tigchelaar stated that the collaborative experience of scheduling events, coupled with the diverse attendees, provided an “egalitarian experience.”

“I came away from THATcamp having been introduced to new tools to use in my research and teaching, having gotten an opportunity to share the ways I effectively use technology already, and having learned about a variety of exciting digital humanities projects,” Tigchelaar said.

Senior creative writing major John Bugaj noted that his favorite session of the day focused on APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, which facilitate communication between software applications. “I got some valuable insight into APIs and learned of some useful tools for using them,” Bugaj said.

Building on the momentum of THATCamp, digital humanities students, faculty and staff at Marshall will next participate in the Marshall Game Design Guild’s Game Jam this month, the Fallout76 release event Nov. 15 and HerdCon in Spring 2019.

Marshall recently instituted a digital humanities minor for undergraduates.


Photo:   Participants in THATCamp Ohio 2018 discussed a number of digital humanities projects last month.