Independent Exam Proctoring Available for Online and Hybrid Courses

Libraries and Online Learning launched Independent Exam Proctoring, a service to protect the integrity of online testing, in the fall semester of 2017. An independently proctored exam is supervised by an approved proctor just as it would be for a course taken on campus.

Proctoring is the most effective way to ensure the integrity of online exams such as midterms and finals. This service is especially valuable to those disciplines requiring paper testing when showing work is necessary. The math department has been quick to take advantage of this program for the testing of students located in California and Nevada who are in advanced courses.

There is no cost to students for exam proctoring, but it is up to each student to find a qualified proctor prior to the exam date. Students within driving distance of Marshall University are invited to take advantage of proctored exams through the MUOnline office.

For more information about exam proctoring visit or contact Dena Callicoat Laton by e-mail at or by phone at 304-696-3141.