Healthy Tomorrows: Important information for PPB Plan Policyholders

Plan Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020): As a part of its financial plan for Plan Year 2020, the PEIA Finance Board voted to suspend the Healthy Tomorrows bloodwork and reporting requirements while the staff makes plans for the next phase of the program.  If you have already submitted a Healthy Tomorrows form for Plan Year 2020, thank you for your efforts.  PEIA will destroy any forms that have already been submitted.  If you have not submitted a form, no action is required between now and May 15, 2019.  We’ll keep you posted as we develop the next phase of the program.

However, members will be able to go to their doctors and get their annual physicals. A yearly check-up and Lipid panel is paid by PEIA at 100% when the doctor codes the visit and bloodwork correctly. If a member wants more information, he or she may click here.