MU EDGE program welcomes new mentors

The Marshall University EDGE program is proud to announce that David Cartwright, Marty Laubach and Stacy Scudder have been selected as EDGE Mentors for the 2019-2020 academic year. These faculty members will play a key role in Marshall’s retention efforts by shepherding freshmen through their first two years of college, helping them make good decisions on the road to a timely graduation.

An enthusiastic advocate for students, David Cartwright (Computer and Information Technology) offers freshmen this consistent message: "YOU BELONG HERE!" Having taught at Marshall for over twenty years, he finds our students "powerful beyond their imaginations, and with a bit of help, they will achieve great things." Cartwright sees as part of his job, "to show [students] a glimpse of what they can become, to have faith in them, even when they don’t believe that for themselves."

Dr. Marty Laubach (Sociology and Anthropology) has studied the interaction between Appalachian culture and higher education for years. Laubach relates to our freshmen on a personal level: "ultimately I recognize that these students are me when I was going through my darkest times in my undergraduate experience. I came from an inner city high school where I excelled in all of my classes and then got walloped at how much harder college was in my first year. I was poor, just barely squeaking by, isolated as a working class student among many middle class students who were getting a lot more of the cues of what to do than I was, with the same issues of spirituality and identity as the students I see in my classes. I have deep respect and honor for the mentors who helped me through my experiences of college, career, and then college and career again as a middle aged man going for my Ph.D. Every student I have helped so far is a tribute to them and a small repayment of a life debt."

Dedicated to student success, Stacy Scudder (Mathematics) understands that many of our students face life challenges in addition to academic ones. She has been part of the Marshall family in several capacities: "I fell in love with MU when I came here as a graduate student and I’ve fallen a little more in love every semester because of my students. I see so many with so much potential but who haven’t had much of a support system. With just a little encouragement, they grow into that potential and shine." Since joining the faculty in 2008, Scudder has helped students figure out how to succeed while juggling all life can throw at them.

EDGE Program Coordinator Prof. Sabrina Jones is thrilled to welcome Cartwright, Laubach and Scudder as EDGE Mentors. “I am so excited to work with this experienced and dedicated group of mentors who understand the struggles our students face.  We are fortunate to have such passionate faculty members committed to the success of our students.”

Each year, the EDGE program welcomes 100-150 freshmen and continues to work with students in their sophomore year. The program is open to all first time full-time freshmen with incoming high school GPAs of 2.0 to 3.25. In addition to receiving personal one-on-one support, EDGE students have access to the EDGE Center, a home away from home with a lounge, kitchenette, mini computer lab and dedicated Wi-Fi.

Explore. Design. Graduate. Empower. EDGE.

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