Faculty, Staff and Students invited to participate in HerdCon 2020

After a successful inaugural launch in 2019, HerdCon, Marshall’s Pop Culture Convention, is back in 2020! The inaugural HerdCon saw over one thousand attendees including current and prospective students as well as community members. The second one is predicted to exceed previous numbers. HerdCon is a great opportunity for faculty, staff and students to promote programs and clubs to current and prospective Sons and Daughters of Marshall!

If you are interested in a free table at the event, please register at https://marshall.​libwizard.​com/f/-infotables?fbclid=IwAR0w5GTDUcD4-AvrCL04wD68O66XTbhxfnk_uRxRj3s7wHwC8FU5jznXjHU. Space is limited!

For additional information, please contact herdcon@​marshall.​edu.