Marshall and INTO modify agreement; INTO Center to close July 31


Following a joint strategic review, Marshall University and INTO University Partnerships have announced they are changing the terms of their operating agreement to meet the realities of the current international recruitment market.

Marshall will continue to vigorously recruit international students via direct entry, as well as through the modified agreement with INTO.

All international students currently enrolled in the INTO program at Marshall will be taught and supported as they complete their studies. INTO and Marshall both are committed to ensuring these students experience no disruption and continue to receive the highest levels of teaching quality and support.

The INTO Center on the Huntington campus will close July 31, after which time the students will be supported through the university’s Office of Student Affairs. As services at the center are phased out, employees will be provided with outplacement assistance.

Since 2013, the university has had a successful partnership with INTO, including the recruitment of more than 2,000 international students from 65 countries and the graduation of 700 international students through the program.

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