Faculty Achievement: Dr. Richard Begley

Dr. Richard Begley, professor of engineering, and several of his students are working with FEMA to support a flood mitigation project in Rainelle, West Virginia. The project is a long-term study and examination of the infrastructure modifications needed to convey water safely from a drainage basin to the Meadow River.

A FEMA grant to fund the project was awarded through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) in response to the June 2016 Presidential Major Disaster Declaration. In Rainelle, the 2016 flooding resulted in loss of life and caused significant property damage.

Begley and his team have worked extensively to model simulations and produce flood inundation maps that will be used in future decision-making and planning processes to alleviate flooding. Begley has performed computer modeling to help design a long-term solution for preventing flooding in the City of Rainelle. He has led a team of civil engineering students to study the subject and present their capstone project detailing a few options for installing a stormwater management system for a portion of the city.