Annual Staff Recognition Luncheon to take place Sept. 23; responses needed by Sept. 16

Marshall University’s 38th Annual Staff Recognition Luncheon will take place Friday, Sept. 23, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Don Morris Room of the Memorial Student Center on the Huntington campus.
In addition to the service awards, the John Marshall Employee of the Year will be named.
The following is a lists of university staff members who will receive awards for 2021-2022:
For 10 Years of Service: Barbie Adams, Jacob Adkins, Pam Adkins, Brit Alan Arthur, Travis Bailey, Michelle Biggs, Tonya Booker, Bianca Bragg, Jennifer Brown, Christie D. Chaffin, Jason A. Corriher, Gregory Delbart, Katrina D. Eskins, Timothy Fetty, Bob Hall, Heath Harber, Terry Henry, Robert Higginbotham, Matt James, Becky Lusher, Carolyn Massie, Katherine McComas, Rebecca Meek, Larry Morris, Hai Duc Nguyen, Carrie Nilles, Lisa Ransbottom, David Sheehan, Jason Smith, Robyn Stafford, Michael Stanley, and Jeffery Thompson.
For 15 Years of Service: Kelli Adkins, Dustin Baldwin, JoAnn Black, Laura Christopher, Judy Clark, Beretta Coleman, Ella Curry, Jason Easthom, Marc Ellison, Dwight Hensley, Darlene Howell, Chris Johnson, Cathy Lawson, Ruth Porter, Phillip Rowe, Manford Short, Brean Stewart, Elizabeth Tappan, LeKesha Taylor, Teresa Thompson, Jeffrey Waggoner, and Barry Webb.
For 20 Years of Service: Jim Booth, Shelvy Campbell, Pam Early, Gary Hall, Angela Harper, Kevin Irvin, Dawn Kirtner, Mary Layne, Amad Mirzakhani, Fred Mullins, Karen Mullins, Amy Saunders, and Bonnie Scott.
For 25 Years of Service: Terry Anderson, Sharon Booth, William “Tootie” Carter, Perry Chaffin, Steve Cotton, Joe Davis, Lisa Hughes, Dena Laton, Bindu Mannan, Kateryna Schray, Leah Tolliver, and John Winters.
For 30 Years of Service: Deborah Carder-Deem, Denver Cooper, Cathy Cover, Robert Easthom, and Katherine Hetzer.
For 35 Years of Service: Barry Beckett, Billy Joe Black, Patty Carman, Lela Hardy, Leonard Lovely, Karen McComas, Michael McGuffey, John Richardson, and Kelly Webster-Fuller.
For 40 Years of Service: Nina L. Barrett and Linda Birchfield-Modad.
For 45 Years of Service: Linda Sue Holmes, Jack L. Shafer, and Judy R. Watters.
Retirees: Larry Adkins, Mark Bays, Sue Ellen Bell, Linda Birchfield-Modad, Danny Bowman, Micheal Clay, Maurice Cooley, Layton Cottrill, Cathy Cover, Debra Dean, Micheal Farley, Anna Gue, Michael Hamrick, Edwin Kent Holley, Chris Kennedy, Nicola LoCascio, Brent Maynard, Leigh McDonald, Charles McKown, Linda Morgan, Karen Mullins, Marie Murphy, Randy Price, Camella Pulliam, Deborah Ratliff, Calvin Rowlings, Jack Shafer, Sherri Smith, David Steele, and Beverly Surratt.
The menu for the luncheon includes House Salad, Stuffed Chicken, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Steamed Mixed Vegetables, Assorted Cakes, Regular and Decaf Coffee, Tea, Ice Water. A vegan option is available upon request.
Deadline for RSVPs is  Friday, Sept. 16.
There is a capacity limit for the room. Please get your responses in as soon as possible.

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